This weekend for me was all about relaxing and finish reading The Goldfinch, a 864 pager – it took a while but it´s a great and wellwritten story plenty worth the reading time – I asked on my instagram feed, what to read next
– lots of good ideas there, if you need new book inspiration.

This week I went to an organic tea launch for T Town – you can read more here – and take a look at the 20´s inspired packaging.

I did an interview for the danish magasine Femina for an august issue – we had an inspiring talk about colours in the home. My livingroom wall is painted dark green. Take a look here to see more from my livingroom.

This saturday Finders Keepers launced a designer popup shop in the Copenhagen Hotel Avenue – 25 designers is chosen for the popup shop. Great idea for tourist to get to know the smaller danish design brands. Or check the launch party on instagram #findersavenue

Have  great next week – the summer holidays is getting closer
– but theres a lot of things to finish of first isn´t there?