1. Breakfast at Gipfeltreffen

Gipfeltreffen, Görlitzerstr. 68 , Kreutzberg.

In Kreutzberg, we found this little café with many options for breakfast – pancakes, fresh fruit, crossaints…

Very tasty food and a cozy place



2.Hang out in green Oderbergerstrasse

Oderbergerstrasse in Prenzlauerberg is filled with bars, restaurants and cafés on both sides of the street – its a great place to relax – and it has a very friendly vibe. The whole street is filled with wild flowers and trees.






3. Sunday chill in Mauerpark Flohmarkt.

Every sunday there´s a fleamarket in Mauerpark, Prenzlauerberg ( its very close to Oderberger Strasse – so you can visit the fleamarket first and hang out in Oderberger strasse in the afternoon )

Its a very big market, and a lot of tourists come here, so the prices is a little high.

We took a stroll around the market – and had a retro softice and listened to a sing a song session.

Theres a nice hippie and relaxed mood there, I think.




 4. Backyard fashion in XXX

My norwegian styling colleague Per Olav tipped me for this XXX fashion shop. Its well hidden in a backyard – follow the XXX made with duct tape around the yard and up the stairs to 3.floor.



IMG_4226All black fashion and among others a lot from danish designer Babara Igongini.



5. Birkenstock flagship store.

Neue Schönhauser Straße 6-7, Mitte

Berlin is very hot this time of the year – so our feet was very happy after a stop at the Birkenstock shop.


IMG_4242Price 40 € for the leather two-straps and 20€ for the white one-strap plastic ones.




6. Helmut Newton

Theres a big exhibition of Helmut newtons black and white iconic photos

IMG_4243Extra plus : it´s a great thing to do, if its hot and you want to cool down inside.



7. Bikini Berlin

New concept mall in Mitte, with industrial  green steel construtions and small designer stores inside. Read more about the Bikini mall here.

Bikini is close to the zoo – you can actually see a big tree filled with small monkeys in a large window from the café.

Some shops is vacant, and you feel its still on the way developing, but ist worth a visit I think…








Extra tip: Use instagram for travel advice…

I asked for Berlin tips on my instagram feed, the day I was on my way to Berlin… It gave me a lot of new input. Check the list here.

Or you can search for  #Berlin #Kreutzberg #Prenzlauerberg to get a feeling of, what is going on right now in Berlin.

The hashtag is very useful when travelling – so tag your own photos with area and name of the places – then you will help others find the nice spots…

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