Mood and colour inspiration for the coming season….

I´m a littled hooked on a blue splash and interior elements in brass

– it goes very well with green plants and white walls. Together with all the nordic clean and light woodsorts.

Nordic-blue-styling-Gitte-Christensen-4Elkeland Poster Myte 04, Mette Duedahl Ceramics, Vintage blue glass vases, Floorlamp from Stilleben
and the wooden toolbox from RO – you can buy in Objects & Use webshop

Nordic-blue-styling-Gitte-Christensen-6Plantholders & Hexogon planters from Fermliving,  Mette Duedahl ceramic cups
and white enamel teapot from Objects & Use webshop

Nordic-blue-styling-Gitte-Christensen-3Brass can from Stilleben, brass clamps fra HAY, Elkeland poster Myte01, Mette Duedahl ceramic box, paperclips Tom Dixon, Cookbook SPIS by Mikkel Karstad, Brown sheepskin from Iceland

Nordic-blue-styling-Gitte-Christensen-1Brdr. Krüger lamp in oak, Mette Duedahl ceramics, brass boxes from Stilleben,
brass clamp from HAY, blue tablecloth from Toast

Styling by Gitte Christensen – you can see more of my styling in the portfolio

Photographer: Pia Winther

Thanks to: Elkeland, Mette Duedahl, Ferm Living, Brdr. Krüger, Stilleben