I did the styling at the bloggerevent for organic milk “sommermælk”. The location is called Dome of Visions and it is a giant greenhouse placed in the middle of Copenhagen. A real urban jungle and it was a great frame for an organic debate and a tasteful evening. The organic organisation I love øko hosted the event.

“Sommermælk” is milk from cows that grasses outside all summer – it´s not only about taste but also the diversity on the fields with wildflowers and grasses.

Today 1/3 of the sold milk in Denmark is organic – and it could be really great, if that amount was higher….

 Sommermælk-1Dome of Visions with a blue sky on top


Sommermælk-2The chef Brian Mondrup created an organic milkmenu. It was really a foodie experience to taste the different milk and the dishes together – it was a long time since I last tasted so much milk…

and the food was so pretty and very instagram friendly  – so of course a lot of cameras and iphones at the foodbar.


Sommermælk-3An idea maybe for the kids,  to serve milk in the little bottles with a straw?


Sommermælk-4 – and the greenhouse was really shining bright in the night…

Check out all the mood pics from the event #sommermælk on instagram

– and remember to buy organic milk – it does make a difference…