A few green plants gives new live to your shelves… maybe all it takes is just a little rearranging. For my styling I have used two different succulents and an orange bell branch from the garden.

Remember to dust and clean your shelves before you do the new styling.

– I think it´s more fun to clean the space if I get to build a new stilleben afterwards…

plantshelfie Gitte Christensen 6

My green/white shelf is a vintage piece from Vesterbro store Affär
– you can get a similar styling look with a small string shelf.


plantshelfie Gitte Christensen 4

I collect green and blue toned ceramic bowls and vases, often I buy new “old” ones at fleamarkets.
They supplement each other great,  because the colour tones match well.

plantshelfie Gitte Christensen 5White frame with pressed and dried flowers that I have made myself
and a bird postcard from design studio Scandinavian Surface, I found in Bergen a few weeks ago
– it also adds to to urbanjungle feeling….


plantshelfie Gitte Christensen 3

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