The Eva Trio iconic pots and pans line is turning 37 years old, it is designed by Ole Palsby with great thought for both functionality and design.

It is very well designed and the pots and pans are still looking great today and fits right into the modern minimalistic kitchens.


Eva-Trio-event-5The stainless steel from the Eva trio line – is so classic

IMG_9483Fresh vegtables from the foodmarket ( Torvehallerne )
there is so much tasty and beautiful greens to be found right now

Eva-Trio-event-2The white line from Eva Trio – it is my favorite, it look so clean and the colours from the food stands out so delicious.

Eva-Trio-event-1Styling: Daniella Witte & Gitte Christensen // Photo: Gitte Christensen

You should not choose pots and pans only by your favorite colour, watch the video to get to know more about how each material works when you are cooking…

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