I don´t know if its a danish tradition only – or if other countries do the same?
But I really like the tradition of the wreath with 4 candlelights – one for each advent sunday in december…
it´s so nice and much needed with candlelights in the dark winter time.


Adventskrans Gitte Christensen 2

For this years advent wreath I teamed up with Tekla Pomykala, and she did wonders with the botanical findings.

This I what we used:

  • A raw straw wreath painted white
  • 4 white candles
  • black graphic sticker numbers 1-4
  • Moss from Greenland – send from a friend – more local moss will do fine…
  • Little branches or berries you can find outside this season
  • we used hairpins to stick it all together


  • Adventskrans Gitte Christensen 1 Adventskrans Gitte Christensen 3 Adventskrans Gitte Christensen 4

Photo & Styling: Gitte Christensen, Botanical Decoration: Tekla Pomykala

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