I have made a selektion of objects that cought my eye at Northmodern fair in Copenhagen earlier this week.
There is so much design everywhere, lots of copying – and lots of mass production. So when you find unique or crafted designs in that interior jungle it just stands out. And I love the combination of the tactile and more clean nordic design.

Photo: textile vases by Martins Myrup, lamps whatwedo, knit Installation Iben Høj, egg art from Henrik Dybdahl, candlelights from Ro, cushion from Fuss, recycled Wood from Genbyg, large knit piece Iben Høj

Grey tones and geometrical lines. Danish brand Menu did it so well at their booth in Northmodern. The colour theme with grey melanges in dark and light greys works really well with baby blue, a splash of bright blue and pale pink.

rp_image1-669x669.jpgPhoto of: menu chair, vases from Ferm Living, art posters from Paper Collective, daybed from Menu, interiors from Munk, Menu chair, Kinfolk installation, wall art from Hamide, installation from Paustian.