Looking through all the photos in my phone, It just hit me, what a nice time of the year this is. This week with lots of blue sky and a pretty blooming Copenhagen.
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The appletrees is looking great in my garden – what a flower party that is going on out there.
It is almost stressful how fast it blooms….
And daily I keep reminding myself to enjoy all the fun thats going on in nature right now.

From a photoshoot this monday. I was blown away with this pretty roofview with hundreds of greytones.
The designer appartment itself was super stylish and featured lots of different blacktones… I can´t wait to see the result.
And it was a pleasure working with Pia Olsen from Livingstories and photographer Anitta Behrendt.

This week I also did some styling of Vee Speers posters for Vissevasse and this one turned out to be my favorite.
I love the inocense of the white girls and the peaceful space at the white table.


A new restaurant has opened in my hood, Italy by Cofoco.
Interior and decoration by Norm arcitects. What a beautiful place… and great pizza too.

I got a new green office member today from sweet The Sweetspot Laura…  I love to get new plants.
This months topic over at the urbanjungle bloggers “is giving plants as gifts to your friends”, check out all the inspiring green posts here>>

Enjoy the springtime… I know I will.