A few weeks ago I spend the weekend in London in the Shoreditch area.
I was in London for a blog conference: Blogtacular. I got lots of new inputs and ideas for the blog… so many I don´t even know where to begin.

So lets start with a little guide to the Shoreditch area. Its a very lively area to walk through, with all the little streets and new shops and restauarants opening.
I was travelling with Laura, the blogger from The Sweetspot,  and we went exploring together without an agenda.
And luckily the first shop stop we had, was a wonderful and eclectric shop “One Good Deed Today” with a friendly french owner, and we had a long talk with him and got a list of local things to go see.

I think that’s a wonderful way to find the hidden places or new shops when travelling, just ask the locals…

1.Eclectic lifestyle shop: One Good Deed Today, 73 Kingsland Rd, London E2

Vibrant mix of clothing, interiors books and lots more… a music studio in the lowerfloor and a café coming up in the backyard.
Just the right mix that can inspire you to wanna go to offline shops.
Retail is not dead – but some very creative thinking is needed, like in this shop.



Handpainted hexagon wooden tiles – we fell in love right there…..


The future “café to be” in the back yard – also had a very beautiful hexagon tile floor.


2. Daytime canteen:  Cream, 31 New Inn Yard, London

Healthy food on the menu and relaxed canteen feeling at Cream.






3. Cozy sunday hang out: Columbia Road Flower market, Sundays from 8am ’til 3’ish


Paradise for a flower lover like myself…


many little gems with breakfast and coffee in the backyards


a whole street filled with colourful flowers and older english men shouting the prices…


Lots of small and very cute shops along the market on Columbia Road



It was unfornunately raining a bit – so a hot tea was highly needed.

4. Street Feast, Dalston Yard

A little further north was the street food yard “Street Feast”, filled with food, drinks and happy people on a friday night.





5. Redchurch street – great shops side by side all way down the street…

billede_12-06-15_153010 billede_12-06-15_161216







We stayed at Ace Hotel on Shoreditch Highstreet, great location to be in the middle of it all…. I stayed at Ace before, read more here >>