New book from Peter Olesen Uden arkitekter, with a collection of houses build with creativity, craftskills and love, without the rules and straight lines of an architect.

I just got the book, and there is so much more to dive into. Stories to read…

and I already wish I could build my own dreamhouse.


Treehouses that looks amazing… Can I be a child again and play up there?



Bali houses build a secret place in Denmark, with the lovely tones of dark painted wood.

Yes please, I can take my afternoon tea right there in that chair.


Another home that cought my attention is Martin Nannested Jørgensens house. All interior is very sustainable made with reused materials or found in attics and trash.
Looks so personal and very homie.



Photo: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe


The book is in Danish: Uden Arkitekter, read more here >>
Written and selected by Peter Olesen, Photographer: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe