I have this little favorite spot in my garden, my terrace where there´s no wind and lots of sun. But it has been a little neglected the last coulpe of years. So now it was time to take care of the wooden fence and floor. Repairing instead of building new feels so much better.
It really makes sence to do good maintance of the wood, to make it last much longer.


What a mess here… Lets get started…


I wanted to keep the colours the same as it already was – black and white, quite classic and a great match to the flowers and green plants.

I choose Pinotex Hybrid Plus painting, for extra deep protection of the wood.


Luckily summer came up here in Copenhagen,
and I spend some time painting in the sun getting a tan at the same time ( win win )
I painted the white fence first, and then the wooden floor a couple of days later.


There you go.. new look, that was a great feeling.
And now the fun part begins.  Moving plants and furniture back on the terrace.


New look requires new plants, and since I do love to go shopping for new plants, here was a good reason to go again. I went to my local flower shop…
And fell in love with these fluffy Astilbe in white and light pink. And I planted them in old cupboards, that gives a nice cozy look I think.

  IMG_6545 FullSizeRender

IMG_6550 IMG_6546

Hard work and now lets enjoy. Water on ice with cucumber, mint and lime – that´s a fresh and easy summer drink.



This post is sponsored by Pinotex. But all the words and enthusiasm are my own.