A year ago the danish brand Georg Jensen Damask collected 200 old “Mælkebøtte” tablecloths from the 70´s, with the dandelion pattern. If you handed in an old tablecloth together with a story about the tablecloths life… you would recieve a new tablecloth in an updated colour.

The exhibtion Samværket is based on all the collected tablecloths and stories behind and created by textile designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolphs.


IMG_9009A whole livingroom wrapped in red dandelion pattern

IMG_9007Dinner is served in blue, red and yellow


IMG_9014 Some of the nostalgic stories is lasercut in the tablecloths


Little pieces and cuts of the tablecloths with spots from redwine, tears from a housecat or other curiosities framed like art.


 Cecilia is a shiny star… and did such a great job with so much creativity and respect for the brand


 IMG_9015The dandelion field with little dots and pins.


 Photos on the wall will change during the exhibition, so you have to stop by more than one time…

IMG_9018You are even greated welcome on the street with chalk dandelions


open 17.th September – 16.th October 11.00-18.00

Place: Gammelkongevej 103, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen