This summer I was on the photoshoot for norwegian brand Northern Ligthing. I was styling assistent for my norwegian styling friend Per Olav Sølvberg. We had a fun day styling a bunch of cool lamps, you can see some of the final pics here, shot by the danish photographer Chris Tonnesen.

Hi_petrol_blue_desk - Low_res_Photo - Chris Tonnesen

Flexible reading lamp Me – and thanks to Elkeland for letting us use her Clayprint on the wall

Birdy_floor_grey_bed - Low Res_Photo_Chris Tonnesen

Oslo Wood Gold - Low res_Photo_Chris Tonnesen

the anniversary edition of the Oslo lamp, was launched this week at Design Junction in London, with brass legs.


Acorn_white_livingroom_portrait - Low_Res_Photo_Chris Tonnesen

Unika grey_kitchen - Low res_Photo_Chris TonnesenPhoto: Chris Tonnesen, Styling: Per Olav Solvberg, Styling assistent: Gitte Christensen

Check out more the norwegian lamps from Northern Lighting here