A while ago a was given a bracelet from some friends staying in my home, it was something very special – like a coral looking rubber, and it was made by the isralien artist Tzuri Gueta and it made me very curious. So when I was asked, if I wanted to meet him in Copenhagen at his exhibition at Designer Zoo, I said yes right away. I find his universe of underwater inspired objects very fascinating.

He grew up in Israel as the youngest of 10 siblings. He was often taken to the beach by his older brothers, and was left looking into the water from above, while they dived. He was already then fascinated by the organic shapes and life going on underwater. The calmness there is underwater is a special kind of magic to him.

He wants to recreate a part of nature, but without copying or destroying anything. In his creative lab in Paris, he has after years of work found a recipe of oils and silicone to make his objects. Everything about the making is a well kept secret, and only a few people knows, how the underwater objects is created.


He believes in an intuitive creative process. You need to make mistakes in the process, often it´s the mistakes that ends up as the most beautiful objects.

Everything is handmade, ther is no computers involved – it´s all made with human intuition and in pact with the nature…








The exhibition at Designer Zoo in Copenhagen ended at the 17th. of november,
but you can still find and buy his beautiful objects in the Designer Zoo shop in Copenhagen.
And you can check out more of his underwater inspired objects here