Last week, right after the easter break I was in the studio styling botanical news from poster studio Vissevasse.
It´s 4 botanical portraits by art photographer Vee Speers, she sees the photos just as a persons portrait, and you can feel the personallity of each flower, right?


Check out the new botanical poster collection here, and see more of the stylings

Botanica 4 posters.Colosia Clematis Strelizia Gloriosa.LowRes

Botanica Celosia Cristata.LowRes

Botanica Strelitzia Regina.LowRes

Botanica 4 postcards.Colosia Clematis Strelizia Gloriosa.LowRes

Posters by Vissevasse, Photo: Pia Winther, Styling Gitte Christensen

Thanks to Sofakompagniet for letting us use the lovely 2 person pink sofa, instantly a favorite on the set.

And big thanks to Louise Roe for supplying glas vases, cushions and rugs…