Last week I did this styling for the new Vissevasse wall calendar, together with Vissevasse and photographer Pia Winther. We created a cozy space for planning and taking notes.

I know 2017 is not here yet… but it´s getting closer. And this year time has been running extra fast I think. Maybe now is the right time to start planning the bigger goals for next year.

You can personalize the calendar to fit your life and family, it has 2 sides and functions. You can find the Vissevasse Calendar here. 


We are controlling more and more of our lives from our phones, but at the same time notebooks and paper calendar gets more popular. I also like to write my notes and keep track of time and my schedule in an analog way. It´s sometimes easier to get a better overview that way.


One side of the Vissevasse calendar is rose colored. This side offers a good overview of the month and also contains week numbers. Fill out a whole week with masking tape for vacations or seminars.


The other side is dusty green and consist of six columns, where you can add, for example, the names of your family members. Or you can use some of the columns to keep track of food- or fitness plans.

Styling by Gitte Christensen

Photo Pia Winther

Calendar from:  Vissevasse