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I was asked, if I could do an interior styling with the Samsung Curved TV, and I gladly accepted that challenge. The curved TV design is very elegant and I could easily see it fit into the nordic style.

It made me think about the living room, and how much our TV habits has changed over the last couple of years. All the streaming services and less flow TV watching. Every family member with their own screens. But I believe, it still has big value to watch TV together, whether it is TV-series, movies or documentaries. Shared stories, that gives you something to talk about afterwards.

So my goal was to create a space for TV watching that’s cozy and a place adjustable for more or less people together at the same time. A zone for the kids and their friends, the whole family together, or you and your friends.

My take on the styling was to use the wall and the floor for decoration, green plants and make the TV become  part of the interiors.


5 tips for decorating with the curved TV:

1. Use a bookshelf

With many streaming services and a smart TV like this you don´t need DVDs and there are no extra wires hanging from the TV, so there’s actually no reason for a traditional media furniture with cabinet doors. I think it’s a good idea to use the space under the TV for books, magazines and little stillebens with ceramics.


2. Add green plants

It creates a cozy space and the organic shapes makes the big screen look less tech. In my styling, I have used the light woven baskets as plant holders.  It’s a big screen so it´s ok with a bigger indoor tree besides the TV.


3. Create a cozy space on the floor

Use one or more big soft rugs on the floor, throw in a mattress and a bunch of soft cushions, and add some plaids.


4. Use the wall behind it for decoration

Since the TV is not hanging on the wall, you can use the space behind it for decoration. Paint the wall in a soft color or you can hang a wallpaper poster, as in my styling.


5. Popcorn

Add lots of popcorn for the right cinematic feeling

…and now let the streaming begin. You are all set for the fall season with lots of binge watching with family and friends.


I have been testing the curved TV at home, and I must admit I´m already addicted. The screen is really great, and the user interface is so logical and easy. All my streaming apps are now together and incorporated in the TV. There´s only one remote control and it´s super easy to navigate. The curved screen is great for movies and TV-series. I´m a fan….

You can read more about the 55” Samsung Curved Smart TV, here



All Photos by Mathilde Schmidt, Styling by Gitte Christensen


Thanks to the brands that helped me create this cozy space for TV watching: 

Botanic wallpaper behind the TV from Pernille Forcarelli 

Wooden side table, ceramic vases and wooden sculptures from Kristina Dam Studio

Bamboo Rug from Massimo

Knitted cushions from Fuss

Book case shelf and plaid from Bolia

Glass vases, popcorn bowls and plant baskets from IKEA



PSST.. If you want more inspiration on how to decorate with a curved TV, check out my talented blogger colleagues Allan from Bungalow 5 and Rikke from That Nordic Feeling. We had a great day together in the studio of photographer Mathilde Schmidt. It was fun to see how different the 3 stylings turned out, but all matching well to each of the blog owner’s style.

This post is sponsored, but the words and enthusiasm are my own.