In January I moved into a new apartment. It was a move away from a house that was our home for 15 years. Leaving the home where my kids grew up, a place with lots of memories, it was kind of sad, but at the same time quite exciting to get a new beginning.

One thing I knew needed a change was my bed, the quality of sleep, is very important to me, I´m working a lot and appreciate when I´m getting a good nights sleep.

It was the end of an era with box mattresses from Ikea, next step; a real bed with a mattress fitted to my body form and needs. I visited an Auping retailer for a try out, and got great advice on which mattress to choose.

I have not been home much in my new home, because of a big styling job the last 4 weeks, and I´m almost only home for sleep. And thats why I´m so extra appreciating the new bed these days. I really feel a difference, my sleep is just better in this bed.

I´m thinking I should have done this shift years ago. I buy new furnitures and interiors often, and have spend a great amount of money on my home, but have never bought an expensive bed… but when I do think about, how many hours we spend in our beds, and what it means to our well being, to get a good sleep, it seems maybe a wrong way to prioritice.

I´m doing a collaboration with Auping, and this year I will be an ambassador for the brand, and I can’t wait to get to know more about Aupings sustainable production, the meaning of good sleep and to do more stylings with this bed. And also show you more examples on how you can customize your very own bed and style your bedroom.


My new bed wonder is the Auping Auronde.

The bed is designed by the dutch designer Frans de la Haye in 1973, but I really think the design is so classic and still very modern looking today. I have chosen the faded green color Clay, I love the fact that you can get it in the color you like, and therefor make it fit perfect into your own bedroom. I always like it, when I get a chance to customize furnitures, it makes it a bit more personal, I think.


The side tables is great for styling with plants, books and lamps at each side of the bed. Also a very easy way to make changes in the bedroom styling…  I can’t wait to make more stylings with this bed, I think theres so many options.

Although my bedroom is otherwise still a mess, with moving boxes and no closet for my clothes yet. I still get a finished feeling because of the stylings around the bed.



Clean white bedlinen is the best and so luxurious, and an easy shortcut to get that vacation feeling at home.



The rounded leg detail and maxi screws is what makes the Auronde design special.
I like the 70´s feel to it.


You can get more info about Auping here.

I will be an Auping ambassador for 2017, so I will get back with more details and styling ideas for your bedroom.


This post is sponsored by Auping, but the words and enthusiasm are my own.