The Auping factory is located 1 1/2 hours drive from Amsterdam, it´s a family owned company with a 129 years of bedmaking herritage.

The sustainable roots in the company is not based on some newer trend vibe. From the beginning the factory was located in the middle of a living area, so there was a great need and clear reason to reduce noise and trash. The factory is still in the same area, where all beds and parts is produced locally with local workers.

In Holland 1.2 million mattresses is trown out each year, that is a huge pile of waste…. that for the most part will be burned with other trash. Actually 99% of the mattress can be reused. Auping is putting together a program for reuse of materials. Auping will take your old mattress, when you buy new ones ( and as I have now learned, your mattresses should bed renewed every 8-10 years, the bed you can keep for life… ) Auping is producing beds on specific orders, which means no beds or mattresses on stock. They only produce what is already sold.

Auping has recently invested 8 mill € in a more sustainable production, and now it´s reduced 90% on heating, 30% on electricity and 60% saved water consumption. Next up is investments in windmills and suncells towards 2020.

By then the factory will be almost free of pollution, and with very high goals on cradle to cradle use of materials… Kind of amazing there´s a brand that choose the sustainable road, in a landscape with lots of cheap products and fast consumption…



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I am an Auping ambassador for 2017 .

This post is sponsored by Auping, but the words and enthusiasm are my own.