I have teamed up with the Danish company Color & Co, I noticed their painted bamboo blinds a while ago. So when I moved into my new apartment, I wanted these blinds.
They remind of my childhood in the 70´s, and gives a cozy light and warm feeling to the home, I think.

styling gitte christensen color&co 1

In my livingroom I have chosen the grey bamboo, its a bit like the classic bamboo blind, but with a grey tone to it. It stood on the floor for a while, before it got up. But actually it was a really easy deal to get them up, 3 little hooks, already in the package, screwed in the window frame and it took only 5 minutes.


Styling gitte christensen color&co 2

In Gustav, my sons room, we chose the painted grey version of the blinds, it matches the grey wall very well. And the painted grey version gives a darker room. It covers the sunlight almost completely, so it´s good for bedrooms.
In my apartment there is many different window widths, luckily Color & Co customizes the width to fit your window frame individually.


Styling gitte christensen color&co 3

For my bedroom I have chosen the painted white bamboo, and I really enjoy how the sunlights wakes me up in morning, with nice patterns on the wall form the rays of sun.

You should check out all the other fine options at Color & Co

This post is sponsored by Color & Co, but the words and enthusiasm are my own.

All photos and styling by Gitte Christensen